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RSI Motorsports Marketing was born from a passion for racing!

President and owner Robert Summers took his passion for racing and his unique qualities in sales and marketing to form RSI Motorsports Marketing.

RSI Motorsports Marketing clients can access a wider range of customized services at multiple levels.

NASCAR is the vehicle in which to drive up sales and provides exceptional visibility.

We believe that everyone wins in the sponsorship of a NASCAR team.e and selecting the options from the toolbar.

By teaming up with RSI Motorsports Marketing

you have a distinct advantage with a company that has a inside track within NASCAR.

The time is now!

RSI Motorsports Marketing sees their role as the best possible liaison for both corporate America and Nascar racing.

RSI Motorsports targets companies looking to make the next step in advertising. It’s a public relations firm that offers every one of their clients their own unique niche in an industry that is rated #1 in fan brand loyalty.

According to the stats, it’s a rich mine field for payoffs on advertising dollars:

NASCAR is the #2 sport on TV in the nation, with a ten month season. 5.5 million households tune in to high speed races weekly, consuming over six hours of NASCAR-related media each week. Of the 75 million adult NASCAR fans in the U.S., 75% (over 56 million people) stated they prefer companies or brands that sponsor NASCAR.

With statistics with like these,

RSI Motorsports Marketing could develop a plan that has the potential to take a product or company no one has heard of, and make it a household name!